Artists in Conversation:

Bare Bones, The Franklin. Image courtesy of the artists.

"We Do Not Say No"

Sarah and Joseph Belknap on collaboration

We talked to one of our favorite artist couples, Sarah and Joseph Belknap, about their creative partnership.

Zachary Johnson

Far From the Art World

A curator on producing public art in Japan

I made my first foray into public art in Chicago in 2012. Or rather, attempted to. For months I struggled with pessimistic ward office secretaries, confusing city government bureaucracy, and unresponsive city departments. I sought out advice from a veteran art planner in the city and tried to rebound from each bureaucratic defeat. I asked the artist I was working with for patience and pushed our spring installation proposal into summer. I was moving to Japan at the end of July, so time was running out.

Randall Albers by Shane Welch

Mentoring is More

When mentorship becomes a lifelong endeavor.

"… we are going to a drum battle!” A drum battle? The voice on the phone was my mentor and writing teacher, Randy Albers.

Lin Hixson

Lin Hixson: Choreographer, Teacher, Director, Mentor

Mentorship as a way of life.

Lin Hixson is this amazing director, you see. From a 21 year run with Goat Island to her now thoroughly established performance project Every House Has a Door with Matthew Goulish, not to mention teaching for years at the School of the Art Institute and running this amazing summer program called Abandoned Practices – Well, let’s just say, many people could call her their mentor.

Tim Stone & Mike Paro collaboration

Growing through Collaboration: The Arts of Life Mentorship Partnership

A special opportunity for equal growth and learning on both sides of an artistic partnership.

What does it mean to look up to someone? To respect, learn and grown? A mentorship is a relationship based partnership. At The Arts of Life, an alternative day program for people with and without disabilities, artist-mentors play a big part in the community.

Mark Bazer

A Toast to the Host

Perspectives from six years of running a talk show in a bar.

Like many performance-based things, doing the show is the easy part. Putting the show together? That’s hard.

Dado talks to Danny Volk on "Made-Up with Danny Volk"

Made-Up with Danny Volk: Dado

The Hungarian director-turned-sculptor discusses her shift in focus

I realized after all these years of making plays that I'm a sculptor.

Andy Ludington

Post-Apocalyptic Production

Lessons learned from a season of filming a web series

When we decided to produce our own film project, we had some tough decisions to make.

Painter Vicki Milewski

Blue Mountain Clues

A curatorial misunderstanding reunites one artist with her history

I had fallen asleep in my artistic life; I had been sleepwalking. My rediscovery was an awakening of sorts.

Jeroen Nelemans

Visas for International Artists

Jeroen Nelemans on how to win the "extraordinary visa"

The only thing you know is that if you do not get the visa, you have 10 days to leave the country. It's a complete mind-fuck.

Sarah Best

Artist Sarah Best on Fiscal Sponsorship

An ambitious project is realized via Links Hall

Realizing my vision was priceless. It was crucial in my transition from an emerging artist to something more.

Joseph Caruana

Becoming the Sun King

Baroque dance theory applied to contemporary ballet

In baroque dance the body moves like waves, or the sea. If the blood in your body related to water, then that water had an ebb and flow to it that guided your dancing. The body in baroque dance is in constant, living motion.

Artist Neha Vedpathak

Plucking a Path from Painting to Sculpture

Neha Vedpathak on inventing new techniques

The technique evolved from tweaking the paper with a single pushpin to separate its fibers. The plucked paper resembled lace, which I then use to make individual sculptures and installations. Developing this technique taught me the material and has given me a distinctive voice to approach three-dimensional objects and space.

Julie Ganey

Going Solo: Taking Control of Your Art

Tips on writing and performing your own solo show

You’re an actor, sitting with a bunch of other actors in a theatre lobby waiting for your audition. People are silently studying their sides or mouthing monologues to themselves.

Micki LeSeuer

Enraptured and Intimidated: Building a Creative Community

Micki LeSueur, founder of Fictlicious, on running a reading series

Since no one hacked into my computer to read the stories I wasn’t submitting or peered through my living room window in the hopes of finding some insecure writer slugging it out with her laptop, the only way I was going to participate in a live reading series was if I bum-rushed the stage. Or started my own.