Frequently Asked Questions

How to I create a post?

You must create a free user account. Once you are logged in, you can navigate to Calls for Artists, Jobs, Events or Spacefinder and post to those boards (look for the black button in the upper right corner). To make an account, scroll to the middle of our homepage, click “Log in/Register to post,” then select “Create new account” and fill in the required information. Questions? Just contact us. We're here to help.

How do I edit or delete a post I've created?

User-generated posts (Calls for Artists, Jobs, Events and Spacefinder) can be edited or removed by the account that created them. To make changes to a post, login to CAR. You can either navigate to the post by browsing or searching, or by clicking on your user name in the login bar above Community Content ("Welcome [username] | Post | Log out"). Under your user profile is your "Posting History," which lists all posts you have created. By either method, once you are viewing the article, you will see a grey "Edit" tab beneath the title. Click this to edit content or delete the post. Click "Save" to confirm changes.

What is the difference between a user account/profile and an organization profile?

A user account is a free account on CAR that lets you post to our Community Content sections (Calls for Artists, Jobs, Events and Spacefinder) and provide some autobiographic material about yourself, such as a profile of who you are, how long you have been a member and your posting history.

The Organization profile allows you to save and re-use information about an organization associated with a post. For example, Kasia Kay Art Projects can provide a statement, contact information, website address and a history of postings associated with that profile. When the person managing the user account for Kasia Kay creates a new event, s/he can associate that event with the organization profile using the auto-complete field, saving time and building a posting history. The Organization profile was created to allow users to post as themselves and for organizations for which they work.

If you want to make an Organization profile, click on the link in the help text ("create a new organization") below the auto-complete field when creating a post, or follow this link.

The link on a post I want to read sends me to a page that says "Access Denied" or states I'm not allowed to view that page.

Our system builds links to content based on the title of the post. If a posting user changes the title and then changes it back, the system can enter into an infinite loop that can't be resolved, creating permissions errors. Please contact us with the broken link and we will fix the issue.

I want to submit an Artist Story or article for consideration on CAR.

Please read our editorial guidelines and suggested story topics first. (We're happy to answer any questions in advance as well.) CAR is particularly interested in stories that address or resolve issues in the creative workspace (studio, stage or desk), business and legal issues and strategies for professional creatives, and insight into making and selling work. We are less interested in stories about work/life balance, unless it addresses a very specific issue, trend or approach.

I want to advertise on CAR or have my event/opportunity posted in Announcements or in CAR's ArtsFlash emailer or social media.

Please read our guidelines on advertising. Then please contact us with your advertising inquiries.

I want to get involved with CAR as a contributor, volunteer or intern.

With so much going on in Chicago's arts scenes, we're always happy to have some help. Contact the editor with a description of how you can help. If we have a good fit, we'll be in touch. (Due to the volume of correspondence we receive, we may not be able to respond to all requests.)

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