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Singletrack: HOMME


Homme is Macie Stewart (of Marrow) and Sima Cunningham, and they have what they call a “harmonic connection.”

“Woman,” the opening track of the duo’s debut self-titled EP, doesn’t reveal itself at the very beginning. It starts with a lone, cyclical guitar riff punctuated by twisting melodic phrases, only giving brief glimpses of a rougher sound. It evolves slowly, and by the time the final chorus comes around, the song is an absolute headbanger.

The visual for “Woman,” directed by filmmaker and fellow musician Maren Celest, captures the song’s grittiness and anticipation. Images fade in and out of a kaleidoscopic dreamscape: one moment Cunningham and Stewart are tumbling underwater, silently screaming into a telephone; a moment later it’s cut to a black screen. As the song builds to the last explosive chorus, a woman’s hands slowly caress a pocket knife. As she finally pierces the white background, a distorted guitar wails into the stratosphere. It’s noisy, beautiful, and hard to define, like the music itself.

“Homme” the EP runs the gamut from folk to experimental rock, but it could have easily sounded very different. Cunningham and Stewart are multi instrumentalists who, between them, have probably studied every genre there is. But instead of relying on familiar genres or a mass of instruments, they choose to rely on intuition and improvisation to “create as much sound and energy as possible” with just their voices and two electric guitars. By “cycling between improvisation and structure,” Homme creates an elusive and compelling sound that dips in and out of familiarity. Their EP is only the beginning.

Visit Homme at their website, and catch them live at the Hideout on May 21st, and Millenium Park Summer Music Series on August 25th.

HOMME is an experiment in voice and guitar by two friends, Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart. Birthed in the summer of 2014.

On this track:

Music and Lyrics by Macie Stewart
All instruments performed by HOMME
Engineered and Produced by Dorian Gehring

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