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Singletrack: Jonathan “Abseryd” Woods and Gira Dahnee

Gira Dahnee

Jon wanted to create what he called a “crazy sound for Gira”. So that’s exactly what he did. The bass came from a simple melody he had in his head. Naturally, I loved it, and I added on a second half. John complemented this by adding all of the layers of horns and drums you hear.

The lyrics came really from a visualization of listening to the music. I wanted to take people on this metaphysical journey that would eventually unlock secrets that we keep from ourselves simply by not taking the time to tune in to the ether realm. Some call this intuition, spirit guides, our ancestors—Oh, and God—depending upon your beliefs or disbeliefs. (I'm cool either way; no judgment here.)

I wanted to remind people of the original definition of "humanity." This earth remembers what that was like, but we, as humans, are like aliens to the very earth we live on. Our humanity is dying every day with every murder, every enslavement and every right that is taken or given away. The moon, our mother, sighs in disbelief. Can you hear? Take the time to tune in, into the tune "Origins" that is! Tune into the origin of yourself.


Gira Dahnee believes that music is a passageway to the metaphysical realm. Born in Tampa, FL, her musical upbringing includes several genres from jazz, gospel, rock and music from the Yoruba culture. Upon moving to the Chicagoland area, she has had the pleasure of performing at many venues, including Velvet Lounge, Jazz Showcase, TwelveWest Nightclub, and the Tonic Room. She has worked with artists such as Willerm Delisfort, Lance Powlis, Cody Chesnutt, David Boykin and Saalik Ziyad. She has attributed her success to working with wonderful musicians who love music just as much as she does.

Her motto is "Follow your heart; it will take you where it you need to be." Gira's sultry alto voice will take you across lifetimes, reaching the reaching the purity of soul.

Her first EP, Future Geechee, is expected in early 2014.

On this track:
Gira Dahnee, Vocals
Jonathan "Abseryd" Woods, Horns, Drums

Produced by Jonathan “Abseryd” Woods and Gira Dahnee
Lyrics by Gira Dahnee

"Singletrack" is CAR's Artist Story for Chicago performers in which songwriters, bands, playwrights, actors and writers discuss the creation of a recorded work alongside audio or video clips of the performance. To submit your song for consideration, please email our researchers.

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