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Your story is an integral part of building a portrait of Chicago artists and providing the evolving resources that sustain our practices. Our goal is to maintain the premier resource site for Chicago's creative individuals. Therefore, all articles submitted to CAR are subject to editorial review for content, cohesion, clarity, length and structure. We will do our best to preserve the voice, style, and intent of your story. Usually there is no renumeration for submitted content. They are not subject to approval by contributors for posting.

Submissions are preferred in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) with author image larger that 400 pixels square and (optional) header image larger than 800 pixels wide. Video embeds, please provide a SoundCloud, Vimeo or YouTube direct link. Audio embeds, we prefer the mp3/audio file.

Announcements are short, timely news items that call attention to exceptional opportunities for Chicago's creative class. Announcements are heavily edited and posted at the discretion of CAR’s editorial staff. If you would like to be considered for Announcement placement, please post your opportunity to the community content and send a link to editor@chicagoartistsresource.org with your pitch. Due to volume, please do not expect a reply. Product or service advertisements will not be posted. Please see our ad rates for advertising.

Artist Stories
Artist Stories are first-person narratives that address specific aspects of the author’s discipline. They include one image of the artist/author, an essay of 600-1,000 words, an optional portfolio media element (image, video or audio), a footer biography of the author and links to the author’s website. Stories should address topics that are of interest or of benefit to the larger community in which one works. Examples might include a report on successful varnish formulas and their application, an instrument comparison for musicians, assessing the benefits and drawbacks of self-publishing, what to expect in collaborative environments, etc. Avoid  lengthy artist statements and extended biographies.

Artist Professional Stories
Artist Professional Stories are written by professionals who serve the creative community, but are not necessarily artists themselves. Examples include accountants, printers, lawyers, marketers, gallerists, curators, producers, agents and any others who actively assist artists in achieving their creative goals. These stories should provide strategic and tactical advice and resources for artists. Editorial guidelines are the same as Artist Stories.